Fishing & Boating

Many people fish along the beach, towards Long Reef, in particular. The southern end of Dee Why Beach has rock pools and many a line has been cast from this area, plus there are rock platforms which continue further south at the base of the headland. Any rock fishing should be done with care, using the correct gear to ensure safety.

In addition Dee Why is located close to Fisherman’s Beach

Fisherman’s Beach

A little further along Pittwater Road will bring you to Long Reef, turn right at Anzac Avenue, past the golf club to the small and quaint Fisherman’s Beach, so named because there is a boat ramp and fish gutting utilities which is frequently used by several small fishing boats.

Fisherman’s Beach Boat Ramp

If the boats are not in use you will find them anchored on the sand. Look out for the resident pelicans who are attracted to fish discarded by fishermen. They perch themselves on the street lights waiting for the boats to come in.

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