Delightful Dee Why

A Perfect day

Breakfast at Dee Why Beach, at one of the cafes on the beachside strip, is a great way to start the day. A promenade, grass picnic stretch and road separates the cafes from the soft sands but does not detract from the views of the glistening seas. Most cafes offer both alfresco and inside dining .

Dee Why Beach Corso has been stylishly designed with a mix of stainless steel street furniture, picnic tables, elegant looking lamp posts and shower units. There are ramps leading down to the beach itself which will be welcomed by families with push chairs and the disabled.

At the southern end of the Corso is a sheltered rock pool, with nearby changing facilities, if you want a swim but don’t want to cope with the breaking waves .

Dee Why Beach has its Surf Patrol Pavilion at the northern end of the Corso and this is always the centre of much activity. Flags are usually set up on the beach in appropriate safe to swim places, selected by the life guards, and the patrolled areas are between the red and yellow flags.

Always swim between the flags as if rips are present, even the strongest swimmers can be swept out to sea.

Long Reef Walk

One of our favourite walks in Sydney is along Dee Why Beach to Long Reef and up to the headland, past the idyllically located golf course. At the top of the headland there are several sculptures, a reference map of the Northern Beaches and you can also watch hang glider pilots or model plane enthusiasts play around in the up currents at the top of the headland.

Look north and take in the breath taking views of all the jagged cliff faces of the northern beaches right to the tip of Palm Beach. On a clear day, to the south, the round head of AMP Tower in Sydney pops up in the distance.

During some summer evenings there can be a sea mist which makes this walk even more magical.

Dee Why Cafes and Restaurants

When you arrive at Dee Why Beach you will not be short of choices on where to eat. There is a good lively atmosphere during the evening and the street side restaurants and cafe ‘s are usually heavily booked during summer weekends.

Warringah Council issues free parking stickers to residents making it easy to enjoy free access to the beachside parking.

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